Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cute Japanese school girls pictures

Cute Japanese school girls pictures
Today, we will show you the cute Japanese school girls pictures.What she wear is the common uniform that Japanese high schoolstudents wear in Japan.
Compare to the uniform that the Western school girls wear,Japanese school girl’s uniform is more formal.
There are so many different school uniform in Japan.Each high school has a very unique and cute uniform.Apparently, some young girls choose their high school,because of the uniform that they want to wear.
So funny, isn’t it?
Also, socks is important.About 5 years ago, almost every Japanese school girls used towear the socks called “loose socks”, which are very long hich socksBut, nowadays, only some girls wear that in Japan.
If you visit Tokyo in Japan, go to Shibuya.You will meet many trendy Japanese high school grils.

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